Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County Art Contest Winners




Congratulations to Hailey VanArman and Annadee Betzer for being recognized by the Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County!
“We are excited to announce the winner of the Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County Central City High School art contest. Congratulations to Hailey Van Arman, our grand prize winner. Her artwork will be displayed on a billboard at 4905 10th Avenue facing west in Cedar Rapids. It will run from November 23rd, 2020 to February 13, 2021. Another congratulations to Annadee Betzer our second place winner. These students exemplify excellence in art and have contributed to keeping our community healthy through their artwork.
Art has the power to influence, to unite, to encourage, to heal. We gave students the opportunity to use their talents to artistically express themselves, reach out to others, and share feelings that many of us are confronting with the obstacles we have encountered during these stressful times, especially in regards to avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other substances, and emotionally coping in healthy ways.
We would like to thank all those that participated in our art contest. A friendly reminder from our artists to you that healthy choices leads to a healthy life.”