Payment Info

Payment Policies

It is the policy of the Central City Community School District to provide breakfast and lunch to all students within the District. As a student’s account balance approaches zero or becomes negative, the following procedures will apply.

Charging to a Negative Account

Accounts are “Frozen” at negative $25.00. When an account reaches this negative balance, the student will be given a “ticket” that authorizes charging ONE additional meal. After ONE additional charge, the student will be served a MODIFIED meal consisting of a Cheese Sandwich, Fruit and Milk. This meal will be charged to the student’s account.

To Receive a Modified Meal

ELEMENTARY: The modified meal ticket will be put in the Elementary Teacher’s mailbox and that student may come to the kitchen to pick up their meal without waiting in the regular lunch line.

MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL: Middle and High School students will be given their Modified Meal ticket with their negative balance slip. They may then pick-up their meal without waiting in the regular lunch line.

Charging Seconds Or A La Carte

Payments may be made online through the PayForIt system.

Payments may be made directly to the Food Services Department or through either the High School or Elementary Office.

Notification Procedures

Weekly on Wednesday Low and Minus emails are generated when a students account has reached a positive $10.00

Weekly on Friday Low and Minus slips are sent home with K-12 students

Weekly on Friday Accounts over $20.00 negative – Letter sent to Household.

Middle and High School students will be verbally notified at the Point of Sale when their account is at $5.00 or less.

Visiting Adults

Adults will be asked to pay cash as they come through the line. Please DO NOT charge a meal to your child’s account.


Employees may also establish meal accounts. Employee account balances should not fall below zero.