Addressing a Concern

How to Address a Concern with the District

School board members represent many constituents, and each board member wants to properly serve the public. The school board is interested in the opinion of the patrons of the district, and will from time to time solicit information from the residents of the district. Any member of our community should feel comfortable approaching our board members.

However, it should be understood the function of the school board is as follows:

  1. Hire the superintendent.
  2. Set policy (governance of the district).
  3. Adopt goals for the district.

Overseeing the day to day operations of the district is the function of administration (management).

Therefore, we request anyone with a concern start at the point closest to the problem when attempting to resolve an issue. If a resolution is not reached, then the chain of command should be followed until a resolution is reached or all avenues for expression of concerns have been exhausted. The chain of command is as follows. It should be entered at the point nearest the concern.

  1. Teacher, coach or other district employee.
  2. Department director (Activities Director, Transportation Director, Food Service Director, Buildings and Grounds Director).
  3. Building Principal.
  4. Superintendent.