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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which grade levels are served at each school building?
      • ABC/Pre-School serves students from 6 weeks old and up, until they start Kindergarten.
      • ABC also provides before/after school care year around and houses the 3 and 4 year-old preschool classrooms.
      • Elementary serves grades K-6.
      • Junior High School serves grades 7 and 8.
      • High School serves grades 9-12.
    2. How do I contact one of the buildings?
      • Use the Contact Us page’s Staff Directory to find the appropriate contact.
    3. How many students attend school in the Central City School district?
      • 2012-13 Certified Enrollment = 480.4 students.
    4. How many people are employed by the district?
      • 44 teachers
      • 30 full-time and part-time staff and administrators.
    5. What is the tax rate levied by the district?
      • The 2012-13 levy rate has been set at $18.46 / $1,000 of assessed valuation.
    6. Is the district financially stable?
      • Yes. Our Unspent Authorized Budget and Cash Reserves have been strong for several years.
        • FY 2011 = $1,393,652
      • The solvency ratio of the district has been strong over the same time period.
        • FY 2011=9.14%
      • A solvency ratio of 5%-10% is considered to be in “good” range.
    7. How do I arrange use of district facilities for a private purpose?
      • Contact Activities Director Matt Weis @ (319) 438-6181 for details regarding facilities use by outside organizations and the fee structure applied to facilities use.
    8. How many people live in Central City?
      • 1,183 people live in the district.
    9. Can you describe the district in geographic terms?
      • The district lies in Linn County.
      • The school buildings for the district are all within the city limits of Central City.
      • The City of Central City is situated on Highway 13, approximately 20-25 minutes north of Cedar Rapids.
      • Central City really is “Central” with the following school districts within 20 minutes:
        Cedar Rapids, Marion, Alburnett, Manchester, North Linn, Springville, and Center Point.
    10. Which Area Education Agency serves the Central City Community School District?
    11. What is the athletic conference in which Central City competes?
    12. How do I get to one of the Central City schools?
      • Use the Contact Us page for our address and a link to a google map of our location.
    13. How do I open-enroll my child into or out of the Central City Community School District?
      • Contact the Board Secretary at (319) 438-6181 for more information.
    14. What do I need to bring to the school to register my child? Do we just show up the first day?
      • Please register your child before they start attending one of our schools. The principal and counselor will need time to determine which classroom to place your Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade child in or time to create a class schedule for your middle school or high school student.
      • If your child will be starting Kindergarten next year or you have moved to the district or are open-enrolling into the district and need to register your child:
        • To start Kindergarten your child must be 5 years of age on or before September 15 of the current school year.
        • Parents or guardians must be present at the time of enrollment to furnish the child’s birth certificate or other proof of birth.
        • State law requires that all students enrolling in Iowa schools furnish a certificate of immunization for diptheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, measles, rubella and hepatitis B. Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) vaccination is only required for children entering preschool or day care.
        • The Central City Public Schools requests that all new students have a physical examination. Copies of the immunization and physical examination forms are available at all schools. The immunization requirement may be waived for religious reasons.
        • Students who have lived in a country other than the United States within the past calendar year must provide proof of tuberculosis status before attending schools.
    15. Where can I find a copy of the District Calendar?
    16. Does the high school offer Post Secondary Enrollment Option classes?
      • Yes. For further information contact our JH/HS Principal, Jason McLaughlin.
    17. How do I apply for a job?
    18. How can I make donations to the Central City Schools?
      • Contact Tim Cronin, the Superintendent of Schools, at (319) 438-6181
    19. How do I request a copy of my transcript?
      • Contact the High School office at (319) 438-6181
    20. How do you decide whether or not to close school when it snows?
      • The district takes the safety of its students and employees very seriously. The Transportation Director and the Superintendent monitor or receive weather and highway information from the National Weather Service, State and local law enforcement, the Department of Transportation and the superintendent and/or transportation director of other school districts. The Transportation Director and Superintendent or designees also drive throughout the district to check road conditions before making a final decision regarding whether or not to hold classes. After assessing all the information available to them, the Transportation Director and Superintendent will determine whether school should open on time, be delayed, or closed (or dismissed early). If the decision is to close or delay school, every effort is made to inform media outlets and place a One Call Now message before 6:30 AM when possible.
      • If the weather conditions deteriorate during the school day such that the District is unable to adequately respond to snow removal, maintain reasonably safe conditions at the schools, or move busses safely on streets, roads, and highways a decision will be considered to close school. Once children are at school it is generally safer to keep them there until the end of the school day since there may not be anyone at home to receive some children.
    21. Are activities practices and/or events still held if school is cancelled, delayed or dismissed early?
      • If the start of the school day is delayed there will be no early morning practices. After school practices and contests will still be held, weather permitting.
      • If school is dismissed early, afternoon practices may be cancelled and evening events will most likely be postponed.
      • If school is cancelled there will be no early morning practices. The Activities Director, Superintendent, and Transportation Director will confer during the day to decide whether or not to allow practices later in the day or contests in the evening.
    22. How do I learn if school is cancelled, delayed or dismissed early?
      • Announcements are streamed with KWWL, KCRG, and KGAN, in addition we use our parent information system
      • (One Call)
    23. What if the District holds school, but the parent decides it is unsafe for their child to go to school?
      • The decision to hold school is one that is made regarding general conditions and the District’s ability to respond to snow removal, maintain reasonably safe road conditions at the schools, and move busses safely on streets, roads and highways. Unique conditions at a child’s home, a parent’s individual judgment about the safety of driving conditions, and the parent’s individual judgment about his/her child’s ability to maneuver in and cope with the conditions will be honored as it is when a parent makes a judgment for other health and safety reasons to keep their child at home.
    24. Why are some districts open and others closed?
      • We make our decision based on available information about conditions within our district. Every district has their own unique resources and conditions (equipment, staff, topography, etc.) to cope with winter conditions. The weather conditions can vary considerably from one district to another, or even within a district.
    25. Why do you open school when some rural routes are not able to be served by the District’s transportation?
      • Every student’s attendance is important to us. However, there may be unique situations that will prevent some students from attending school. Some rural routes may be passable with a smaller vehicle when a bus cannot use a route because the turn around is limited or the road too narrow for a bus to travel. When we determine that nearly all students can get to school we will choose to keep them open. If we are unable to reach a rural home, we will attempt to contact the affected family and make alternate arrangements for transportation when possible.
    26. How do I contact my child’s teacher?
      • Call the secretary of the building your child attends. Phone numbers are available on the Contact Us page.
    27. My child has medical concerns (allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc.) that will need to be addressed by school staff. Where can I get the forms I will need to fill out?
      • Please contact one of our school nurse. Susan Meyer at (319) 438-6181.
    28. Should I contact someone if my child will not be at school?
      • If your child is ill or will not be at school for any other reason, please contact the secretary of the building your child attends. Phone numbers are available on the Contact Us page.
    29. What opportunities will my child have at Central City Public Schools?
    30. When and where are the school board meetings?
      • Regular sessions of the Central City Community School District Board of Directors are usually held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM in the Media Center with work sessions scheduled periodically.


  1. What are MAP tests?
    • Measures of Academic Progress tests.
    • MAP tests are used as the districts second assessment of student progress. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Iowa Test of Educational Development serve as our first assessment.
    • MAP tests are untimed and taken on a computer.
    • Areas tested are Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Science.
    • MAP tests are administered once in the fall and once in the spring.
    • Students in grades K-11 will be tested each school year.