Bus Routes

Bus routes are designed by the Director of Transportation who makes every effort to develop the most efficient routes possible. The transportation office may be reached at phone number here.


When school must be cancelled, delayed, or dismissed early due to inclement weather, or for any other reason, the Central City Community School District will use the One Call Now notification system.  If you would like to add additional numbers to this system, please call (319) 438-6181 or email Laura Batcheler in the Superintendent’s office.

When delaying or cancelling classes we make a concerted effort to make a decision and you before 6:30 AM.

Hard Surface Road Information

The Central City Community School District makes every effort to run its bus routes in their entirety every day school is in session. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. If we are holding classes but are unable to reach a rural home due to isolated poor road conditions we will try to contact you personally by phone.

Hard Surface Route Information

School Permit Information

Iowa Code section 321.194 requires the school board or superintendent/principal to certify that a need exists for the license and that the board and superintendent/principal are not responsible for actions of the applicant which pertains to the school license. The fact that the applicant resides less than one mile from the applicant’s schools of enrollment is prima facie evidence of the nonexistence of necessity for issuance of a license. Prima facie means that the one-mile requirement is waived only when the school official has reviewed an application and has determined that a special or extraordinary circumstance exists. A blanket waiver of the one-mile requirement is not appropriate.

It must be deemed necessary that the holder of the school license needs the license to attend classes or extra-curricular activities.

An applicant for a Minor School License must hold a valid Instruction Permit during the six consecutive months immediately preceding application for the Minor School License. The driving record must be free of contributive accidents and convictions for moving traffic violations during this six-month period. Completion of Driver Education is required. A Certificate of Completion of an Iowa-approved course should accompany this application

The licensee, while having the license in his or her immediate possession, may operate a motor vehicle during the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. over the most direct and accessible route between the licensee’s residence and school(s) of enrollment to attend duly scheduled courses of instruction at the schools and extracurricular activities within the school district.

The licensee, while having the license in his or her immediate possession, may operate a motor vehicle at any time when accompanied by a parent or guardian, a member of the licensee’s immediate family (brother, sister or other relative who resides at the licensee’s residence) who is 21 years of age, or a driver education instructor or prospective driver education instructor, or a person who is 25 years of age or more if written permission is granted by the parent or guardian, who has a motor vehicle license valid for the vehicle operated, and who is actually occupying a seat beside the driver.

A school license is subject to suspension like any motor vehicle license and that upon receiving satisfactory evidence that the licensee has violated the restrictions of a school license or has been at fault in a chargeable accident, the school license may be suspended. Satisfactory evidence might be given by the student’s parent(s), a law enforcement agency, the Iowa Department of Transportation or the school district.

A school license may be suspended for conviction of one violation and shall be revoked for conviction of 2 or more violations of traffic laws other than parking regulations.

If revocation occurs, the Department of Transportation shall not issue a motor vehicle license or permit for one year.

A revocation requires proof of financial responsibility (SR22) for 2 years.

The parent or guardian is subject to prosecution for permitting the child or ward to drive when not authorized or in violation of a state traffic law.

Students seeking a school license are not guaranteed they will receive one. Holding a school license is a privilege, not a right. Contact the High School Principal for more information.